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With the application of optical interconnection in the field of data center, the development of miniaturization and high-density optical module technology has been accelerated. Starting from 10 / 25ge, it has rapidly entered the age of 100ge, and is striving to evolve to 200 / 400ge technology. Ngsfp MSA is first based on 25 / 50 / 100ge optical module, and is oriented to the application market within 10km, and introduces 4 Lane interfaces based on the traditional SFP supporting 2 Lane electrical interfaces.

Ngsfp MSA Standard Working Group expects to create an open, sustainable and compatible MSA standard through the innovative schemes of enterprises in the existing industrial chain, with the goal of promoting industrial development and developing a transparent standard, which can become a unified standard without any factors / benefits (including policies, etc.).

The global unified standard will bring many benefits, which will help optical modules to build high-speed network connection. After having high-speed connection, a variety of new applications will come correspondingly. The new application will promote the industry to face the new technology standard selection research, and the whole industry chain will form a virtuous circle.

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